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Sewer Line Repair in West Central, MN Serving 60 Mile Radius Around Renville County

Rise above sewer line tribulations with the help of Northern Services. Our battle-hardened team of sewer warriors stands ready to vanquish clogs and damages making the process seamless and smooth as possible for you, the customer. Trust in our proven expertise to bring serenity back to your home’s plumbing.
If you’re a Minnesota resident who already relies on Northern Services for the best affordable plumbing services or drain cleaning services in Redwood County, Kandiyohi County, Renville County, MN, or surrounding areas, you already know that even though the problem is a pain, we’ll be there in a snap. But what do you do when the problem is bigger than just a clogged toilet or a slow drain?
Sometimes, plumbing issues start at the source: your sewer system. When your sewer system acts up, it can grind business to a halt or put a damper on your staycation. Your sewer lines are sensitive and crucial to your building’s plumbing — so don’t trust anyone but Northern Services with the job. From initial sewer line excavation to replacing your entire system of sewer lines, we’ll get your commercial or residential property back to normal in no time.
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Sewer Line Problems? No problem

Trust the Difference

Professional Sewer Services

We specialize in all aspects of sewer lines, from repair and cleaning to replacements and inspections.

Licensed and Certified

Trust is our foundation. Our licensed plumbers deliver top-notch services backed by certifications and know-how.

Swift Response to Sewer Emergencies

Sewer problems can't wait. Our 24/7 emergency service ensures rapid resolutions when you need them most.

Odor Detection and Elimination

Say goodbye to foul smells with our expert odor detection and elimination service, tackling sewer line issues at their source.

Efficient Rooter Services

When clogs strike, our powerful rooter solutions clear blockages swiftly, restoring your sewer lines to peak performance.

Trenchless Pipe Repair

Experience hassle-free sewer line fixes with our trenchless technology, minimizing disruptions and preserving your landscape.

Sewer Line Repair

Sometimes, sewer plumbing problems can be solved with sewer line repair. If your sewer lines are acting up, we’ll come out and perform a thorough inspection with a camera to determine what needs to be done. After we’ve made sure the problem is specific to your sewer lines, we’ll give you great solutions that best fit your needs so you can choose what’s best for you and your family.


If done carefully and with the right team, sewer line excavation is a relatively straightforward process. We’ll then perform any necessary patching or section repairs for your sewer line itself and bring peace of mind back to your property.

Our Expert Sewer Line Services

At Northern Services, we offer an extensive range of sewer line services tailored to meet your needs.

Sewer Line Repair:

Sewer Line Replacement:

Emergency Sewer Services:

Signs of a Damaged Sewer Line

Keep an eye out for these signs and bring any of them to our attention as soon as possible. We’re available 24/7 to deal with any sewer line troubles you suspect may be taking place.

Wondering when to call us for sewer plumbing services? Here are some telltale signs you may be experiencing sewer line damage:

● A foul odor around drains — especially multiple drains in your home
● Backflow in drains, especially in toilets
● Drains that clog repeatedly or several drains clogged at once
● Slow drains leaving standing water in your tubs or sinks
● Constantly soaked lawn in otherwise dry weather
● Noticeably green patches among otherwise dry grass (sewer leakage can sometimes act as a short-term fertilizer for grass and weeds, although these positive effects don’t last long!)
● Mildew, mold, or dampness around your pipes
● Increase in animal or insect activity — a faulty sewer line may be letting in these unwanted guests

Affordable Solutions for Sewer Peace of Mind

Get reliable sewer services without breaking the bank. At Northern Services, we believe in fair pricing that won’t leave you feeling drained.

Feedback from Our Clients

Sewer Line Replacement

Most property owners are hesitant to replace their sewer lines, especially if they have purchased the building from a previous owner or don’t know much about sewer lines in general. However, take it from the experts — it’s better for us to install new lines that actually work than to try to repair faulty existing lines with too many problems. This will save you time, money and energy in the long run, giving you a piece of mind.

If we determine your sewer plumbing is too far gone to be saved, there are a few options to choose from to replace or repair your existing pipe.

Trenchless pipe bursting

Trenchless Pipe bursting is the less mess, less stress option for replacing your sewer line. It does not require extensive digging and is perfect for situations where there is concern about landscaping, sidewalks or driveways. An entry point and exit point are excavated and a new pipe is pulled through the existing pipe with a machine, “bursting” the broken sewer line. The new line is then connected to the home and exit point and excavated holes are filled in.

Landscaping Disruption

Another viable choice is to dig a trench following the existing pipe’s path and conduct a complete replacement. However, this method is the most invasive, necessitating extensive excavation and potential disruption to your carefully manicured landscaping. While it guarantees effectiveness, it’s crucial to consider the trade-off between the thoroughness of the replacement and the impact on your outdoor aesthetics.

Tailored Solutions

Spot repairs address damaged pipes, inside or outside homes, identified through camera inspection. Although not ideal due to potential future issues with existing pipes, some homeowners opt for this solution. While we advise comprehensive repairs for lasting results, spot repairs can be a short-term fix. Homeowners can rely on Northern Plumbing Service for reliable and worry-free plumbing services.

Contact Us for Sewer Line Repair and Excavation

Remember, sewer line problems won’t disappear on their own.
Northern Services is proud to offer the best 24/7 services in plumbing, HVAC, and more to Minnesota residents all across Renville County, Redwood County, Kandiyohi County, MN, and the surrounding areas. If you’re having problems with just about any pipe, unit, or other complex system in your home, chances are we have an affordable solution that fits your needs
Call now for immediate assistance! Let us be your sewer solution specialists.


Your FAQs, Our Expertise
As far as cost-savings go, sewer line repair is worth its weight in gold. Our expert team knows the ropes, fixing issues swiftly and without a hefty price tag. Let us mend your sewers with a penny-wise approach, keeping your budget shipshape.
Sewer lines delve deep, reaching into the belly of the earth like a burrowing mole. Typically, they lie around 6 to 12 feet beneath the ground’s surface, navigating the underground labyrinth to whisk away waste discreetly and efficiently.
Trenchless sewer line repair is like a magic act for your underground pipes – no trenching, no fuss! It’s the ninja of plumbing solutions, using advanced technology to fix damaged sewer lines with surgical precision. Say goodbye to the mess and disruptions; our trenchless approach seamlessly completes the job!
Replacing the sewer line may sound like a pretty penny, but rest assured, it’s a wise investment in the long run. Think of it as “spending money to save money” – avoiding persistent repairs and potential property damage. Our team ensures competitive rates and a lasting solution, making it money well spent.