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Northern Services Bear Hug Program

Bear Hug Program

We are so thankful for the communities we serve and all of our amazing customers. One of our lifelong goals is to be able to give back to these communities year after year. That is why we’ve created the Bear Hug Program.

At times, we run into emergency situations where the homeowner is experiencing a challenging time and unable to pay for a new furnace, boiler, A/C or even sewer replacement sometimes in an emergency situation. The Bear Hug Program will allow us to set aside funds from each future purchase of an HVAC installation or Sewer Replacement. These funds will go towards a new system that will be donated to someone in need each year.

Customers will now also have the option to round up their invoice with Northern Services on a service, repair or replacement and choose to donate to Bear Hug, Tim Orth Memorial Foundation (TOMF) or Time on the Water. Just let your Service Expert or Install Team know. At the end of each year, we will proudly present a check to each foundation!

TOMF or Time on the Water

Nominations can be submitted online through website on the “Bear Hug” page. The person nominating the family or individual must fill out the form completely. Individuals can also complete a form for themselves. Multiple nominations do not have an affect on the selection process.

Selecting a family or individual will be done once or twice a year, depending on the funding or can be selected immediately if an emergency situation occurs . A committee will be formed by two Northern Services employees and two outside individuals who will vote on which recipient will receive a new system. The recipient will be contacted via phone and informed of their selection.

*If, for some reason the family or individual refuses the donation, the Bear Hug Committee will select another family or individual and the person who nominated the family or individual will be notified.

Nomination Form

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