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When a winter chill is in the air, the last thing you want is to have your heating system stop working. Fortunately, most of the time, your heater will let you know something isn’t quite right before it shuts down. When this happens, you can call in the HVAC professionals to perform heating repairs. Whether your system is making funny noises or giving off unpleasant fumes, we will be at your house or business in a flash to diagnose and fix the problem.

If you’re looking for affordable residential and commercial heating services in Renville County, MN, look no further than our team! We offer the best heating installation and repair services.

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Choose the Best Heating System for Your Home

Without a functioning heater, your household or business could be facing freezing winter days and nights, even when they are indoors! As a homeowner or property owner, it’s your responsibility to maintain your heating system. One way of doing this is by watching out for these telltale signs that it’s time for heating repairs:

  • Burning odors: If you turn on your heating system and notice a foul odor, this is a sure indication that there’s an issue with the heater. You will need a professional to detect the broken part and provide necessary repairs to keep your house or office safe.
  • Strange sounds: When heaters are failing, they often make screeching, banging, or grinding noises. There could be a broken internal component or a loose part. An HVAC expert can quickly fix the issue, restoring peace to your space and preventing further damage.
  • Short cycles: A heater experiences short cycling when it becomes overheated. It will suddenly stop in the middle of a cycle. This can be damaging to your heating system and increase your monthly utility bills.
  • High utility bills: An increase in your utility bills could indicate that your heater is not operating efficiently. The system may have a leak, or there may be clogged filters or vents. An HVAC professional can quickly repair the problem.

Common Heater Problems People Face in Minnesota

Minnesota winters can be enjoyable, but not when your heater isn’t working, and there’s no escape from the chill outside. Make sure your household or office building doesn’t have to suffer from one of the following most common heater problems by getting routine heater tuneups and scheduling heating repairs when necessary.

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  • You increase the temperature, but nothing happens. This problem occurs when there’s an issue with the thermostat. Over time, your thermostat will stop functioning due to normal wear and tear. Be sure to have your thermostat regularly inspected and replaced.
  • You hear your heater trying to come on, but it never turns on completely. This is likely due to a bad control board. The control board receives signals from the thermostat and then performs a safety check on the switches before turning the heater on. If the control board is broken due to wear and tear, power surges, or rodent infestations, your heating system will not be able to turn on fully.
  • Your heat strips come on too frequently, increasing your utility bills. If you have a heat pump, you may have noticed that the heat strips turn on when the refrigerant levels become too low. It’s important to recharge the refrigerant or fix any leaks as soon as you notice this problem. Otherwise, the compressor could start failing, which is much more expensive to fix.
  • Your pilot light is yellow. If you have a furnace and notice that the pilot light is giving off a yellow hue, you need to contact an HVAC technician as soon as possible. A yellow pilot light indicates a carbon monoxide leak, which can be dangerous to you and your family or your business.

Annual Heating Maintenance for Minnesota Residents and Businesses

If heating repairs and maintenance are neglected for too long, you could be facing high repair or replacement costs. It’s important to protect the investment you made with a heating installation, and that’s why HVAC professionals recommend scheduling annual heating maintenance appointments. These yearly checkups will ensure everything is functioning properly and will keep your house or building safe. Here are some of the benefits of annual heating maintenance:

  • Ensures reliable performance
  • Improves efficiency
  • Reduces the number of repairs
  • Prolongs the lifespan of your heater
  • Protects your family and employees’ health by removing airborne contaminants

Heat Pump Installation Services

Sometimes, when your furnace isn’t working properly, there is a simple solution. You can try these fixes on your own before calling a professional for furnace repairs:

If your furnace is blowing cold air:

  • Make sure the thermostat switch is set to “Heat” and not “Cool.”
  • Change the dirty air filter.
  • Relight the pilot light on your gas furnace.
  • Double-check that the gas valve lever is in the “On” position; otherwise, the furnace isn’t getting any fuel.

If your furnace is not blowing any air:

  • Change the thermostat’s batteries.
  • Make sure your vents are open and not being blocked by anything.
  • Check the circuit breaker. If it tripped, switch it back to the “On” position.

If these DIY fixes didn’t resolve the issue, reach out to a heating contractor for professional furnace repairs.

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Partner With Us for Heating Repair Services

Ensure your heater is in peak condition for the winter season by addressing common HVAC problems as soon as they arise and prioritizing routine maintenance. Our technicians can handle your residential and commercial heating repairs safely and efficiently at an affordable price. For the best heating services in Renville County, MN, contact Northern Services today!