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It happens to everyone at some point: you’re busy washing dishes, taking a shower, or running your garbage disposal when all of a sudden, a clogged drain stops you in your tracks. While some clogged drains can be taken care of with a plunger and some effort, there are a few signs that your drains need help from the pros. Think you might need drain cleaning in Renville County, MN, or the surrounding areas? Read on to learn the ten signs that mean it’s time to seek professional drain cleaning services.

Recurring Clogs

It’s normal to have occasional clogs in your drains, especially if a lot of hair goes down your shower drain or you regularly flush too much toilet paper at once. However, frequent clogs can signify that something is backing up your entire plumbing system, especially if the clogs are happening across multiple drains in your home. If you just reached for the plunger last week and now you’re grabbing it again, you might be better off scheduling professional drain cleaning.

Slow-Moving Drain(s)

Does the dishwater in your sink take forever to drain? If water seems to trickle back into your drains at frustratingly slow speeds, you might have a plumbing issue. Over time, your pipes become clogged with hair, food residue, and toilet paper, along with other unpleasant leftovers. Slow-moving drains are hard to deal with by yourself because the problem might be deeper than you can reach. While a slow-moving drain may seem more annoying than dangerous, it’s best to contact professional drain cleaning services before your plumbing problems get worse.

Standing Water

Remember those slow-moving drains? Standing water is the next step if you don’t schedule plumbing services for drains that are slower than normal. If your water doesn’t drain at all, you likely have a large or particularly obstructive blockage inside your pipes. If your tub is still full an hour after you’ve had a bath and pulled the plug out of the drain, this is your sign that you need to get your drains professionally cleaned now.

Multiple Drains Are Clogged

If your sink drain and bathtub drain both seem to be clogged, it’s a big red flag that your plumbing needs help. Multiple clogged drains indicate that your whole plumbing system needs to be looked at ASAP by professional drain cleaning service technicians. Plumbing maintenance pros have tools like hydro jetters that can clear residue from the whole system and get your drain lines back to normal.

Overflowing Backup

Have you ever opened your washer or looked into your shower only to see disgusting dirty water or, worse, sewage backup? This is a sign you need professional drain cleaning ASAP as it signals an issue with your sewer line. Cleaning your drains should always be left to the professionals in this particular situation because sewage backup is not only gross but also poses a health hazard to you and your family. If you act fast and call as soon as you notice backup, plumbers can perform drain lining repair or replacement to keep your plumbing functional and safe.

Toilet Explosion

While water overflow can be a natural consequence of flushing strange or excessive items down the drain, your toilet should never overflow out of nowhere. A toilet that functions the way it ought to should not flood your bathroom out of the blue. If every time you flush the toilet, water rises to the lip and threatens to spill, that’s not normal. Neither is the toilet overflowing out of nowhere with no flushing involved. If these plumbing problems are happening to you, it’s time to have your drains looked at by professionals. 

Fruit Flies Won’t Shoo

Do you seem to keep attracting tiny, buzzing, unwanted guests? Fruit flies aren’t unheard of in homes with a lot of live plants, but if the flies seem to be focused on your kitchen sink, your drains might be why they’re coming to visit. Over time, food residue can build up in your kitchen sink drain or your garbage disposal, attracting these annoying little freeloaders. If you notice fruit flies in your kitchen, keep an eye on where they’re going, and if they won’t leave your sink alone, it’s a sign you need professional drain cleaning.

Unusual Sounds

Do your toilets or sinks gurgle, gulp, or make other noises more suited to your stomach than your plumbing? Watch out — your pipes are likely having a problem with draining. Clogs can cause air bubbles in your pipes that are the source of the sounds that you hear. Getting your pipes cleaned out will eliminate these noises and stop causing you to worry about the monster lurking in your plumbing.

Foul Odors

If your home’s drains are functioning the way they should, they will carry food and sewage waste out of your home and into the sewage system. However, if there are clogs or backups, waste can linger in your pipes longer than it’s meant to, causing foul-smelling drains. If you can’t shake the sensation that you smell something rotting coming from the pipes, don’t ignore it; get in touch with professional drain cleaning professionals as soon as possible so they can diagnose the problem.

Drain Cleaners Aren’t Working

Plumbers strongly advise against the use of store-bought chemical drain cleaners. They can damage your pipes after just one use because they are corrosive and acidic. In other words, even though you’re trying to help your pipes, you end up doing them more harm than good. Unfortunately, consumers sometimes do end up using them anyway. If one application of drain cleaner doesn’t seem to be unclogging your pipes, don’t keep pouring bottle after bottle down the sink — you’re eating away the insides of your plumbing system. It’s best to get a plumber to look at your drains to solve your problem in a way that will preserve the life of your pipes and keep things cleaner for longer.

Plumbing Problems? No Problem!

Once you’ve decided to contact professional drain cleaning services, you deserve plumbers who work tirelessly and effectively to help solve your problem. Our expert residential plumbing contractors in Renville County, MN, and other local areas can handle all your plumbing needs. We pride ourselves on offering you effective solutions that are on time and within your budget. Contact us today!