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Summers in Minnesota can get just as hot as the winters are cold. Your AC system needs to run at full capacity to help counter the high temperature and humidity to keep your home as comfortable as possible. One of the worst things that can happen for a homeowner on the hottest summer day is hearing your AC unit start to break down. 

While you can call an experienced air conditioning repair specialist to look at your unit, there are steps you can take to help stop these problems before they start. Use this checklist to keep your AC running as smoothly as possible all summer long. 

Check Your Filters

One of the biggest issues with your AC unit often comes down to the airflow — how the cool air gets distributed throughout your home. While there are several possible reasons tied to poor airflow, one of the most common and easy-to-remedy issues has to do with your air filters. Dirty air filters will cause your system to lose its efficiency and cause potential problems down the line. 

Most of the air filters in your unit are easily accessible, and you can change them easily. For some filters that are harder to reach or require you to get inside your unit, you can call in the HVAC experts at Northern Services to handle the job. 

Clean Your Coils and Condenser Units

Your evaporator coils and condensers are crucial to your AC unit’s safe and efficient operation. When these parts get dirty, you need to keep them free of debris and ensure there aren’t any trees or branches encroaching on the outside unit. Routinely cleaning your coils and trimming nearby trees or hedges will go a long way toward keeping your AC unit running smoothly. 

Clear Out the Drains

Clearing the drains of your air conditioner helps prevent the interior of the unit from freezing over or having water back up into it. In a perfect world, the drains remain blockage-free and continue to allow your system to drain as it was designed to do. However, debris can get into the drains and create clogs that can cause significant damage. 

Routine air conditioner maintenance can help minimize the clogs in your drain line and keep your AC unit running smoothly. Preventative maintenance with your pipes and drain pans goes a long way towards ensuring you get uninterrupted service throughout the summer months. 

Double Check Your Thermostat

It’s not just the air conditioning system that can significantly impact your home’s comfort level and efficiency in the summer, but your thermostat too. The thermostat relays your home’s desired temperature and tells the system to start, and then when the target temperature is reached, it tells your air conditioning unit to shut off. So when issues with your programmable thermostat arise, they can also significantly impact your AC unit. 

If your thermostat is having problems reading the correct temperature and registers a room as too hot or cold, it can lead to your system over-running and cause your utility bills to skyrocket. If you hear your AC running constantly, give your thermostat a once-over to ensure everything is running properly. 

For the Maintenance Tasks You Aren’t Comfortable With, You Can Call Us!

Every home AC unit is different and may require more thorough maintenance to ensure everything runs smoothly. However, some maintenance tasks might feel like they’re above your capabilities, and that’s when you need to call in the professionals to help ensure your unit will survive the summer. Our team specializes in AC repair and maintenance that help keep your outdoor unit working at its best and help you save money in the long run. 

Contact our expert AC maintenance and repair service to schedule your next tune-up today!