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Every homeowner has a long list of renovations they would like to do throughout their house to transform it into their dream home. At the top of the list generally consists of the most trafficked rooms in your home — your kitchen and bathroom. If you have decided to go with your kitchen first, bringing the space into the modern age can present an array of unique challenges, specifically regarding your kitchen plumbing and the assorted fixtures. 

Installing a brand-new kitchen can be daunting from the initial design phase through the final walkthrough, but having a clearly defined plan can help. Finding experienced kitchen plumbing services in Renville County, MN, and beyond will help ensure the connections are made to your next fixtures and appliances safely and correctly. 

Choose the Right Appliances

Every kitchen renovation usually involves updating your appliances to more efficient and aesthetically pleasing models. However, you need to find options that make sense for your home. The wrong-sized dishwasher can ruin your timeline and make connecting your home’s plumbing system more difficult. Additional plumbing issues may arise down the line if you don’t take the time to carefully plan out your design and make the right choices. 

Know What to Do With Your Sink

Older homes may have gone decades without the benefit of having built-in garbage disposal with their sink. The renovation process allows you to right this wrong and gets your home the ideal meal prep tool you have wanted. When you select your desired unit, you want to ensure all connections are secure and ready for use. 

Our team takes pride in our attention to detail and ability to keep your plumbing system flowing as it should. For every home improvement and kitchen renovation job we take, we treat it like our own kitchen. 

Install Your New Fixtures

Leaky faucets can often lead to a wide range of water-related issues in your home that can go largely unnoticed because it was dismissed as “just a leak.” Your latest kitchen renovation is the perfect time to have your local plumbing contractors install your new fixtures properly to avoid any lingering leaking issues. 

Post Renovation Checklist

After your renovation, your general contractor will walk you through a final checklist to ensure every aspect of your new kitchen meets your standards. On the plumbing side of things, this checklist includes a range of necessary tasks to ensure you’re ready for life post-remodel. 

Two major components of your checklist involve double checking all of the fixtures work properly and the state of your drains. The new drains throughout your kitchen help deliver the water you need as efficiently as possible. Any blockages or clogs should be addressed immediately. 

Additionally, these areas can include traps set up to catch larger solid bodies and contaminants that can collect within your pipes and become a more serious issue in the future. We’ll help ensure these traps are set up correctly and won’t leave you with a more expensive plumbing repair bill in the future. 

Choose Northern Services for Your Plumbing Repair and Installation Needs!

When you want to make remodeling your kitchen the top priority, partnering with the top residential plumbing service in Renville County, Kandiyohi County, and McLeod County, MN, will help ease some of your anxiety. We work with our clients from the initial design through the final installation to ensure every aspect of the renovation meets your high standards. 
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