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At Northern Services, we love being part of the community. We live in the places where we also work, so we know how important these communities are when it comes to supporting each other and helping each other out when times get tough.

That’s why we offer the Bear Hug Program – because we want to do even more to support the communities that support us.

What is the Bear Hug Program?

Through the Bear Hug Program, we are able to help local residents when they need a new AC, furnace, boiler, or even a sewer system! We set aside funds so that when people are nominated or emergency situations arise and people can’t afford the work their home needs, we can perform the replacement for free.

We offer free services through the Bear Hug Program once or twice a year, depending on available funds and on the situations we hear about or encounter. Customers can round their bills up, too, to contribute to the fund and help their neighbors out.



Winter 2023 Bear Hug Recipient

We are excited to announce our Winter 2023 Bear Hug Recipients, Brittany and Alex Estum! Here is the young couple’s story:

Alex and Brittany were thrilled to find out that Brittany was pregnant after a successful round of intrauterine insemination. However, their joy turned to fear and anxiety when she was diagnosed with Stage 3 Melanoma on December 6, 2022.

Brittany cannot undergo therapy to treat the melanoma until her little girl is delivered, which will occur as soon as it is safe to do so.

In the middle of all of this stress, the family’s furnace stopped working during the 2022 Christmas blizzard. Gregg, the owner of Northern Services, diagnosed the problem and suggested replacing the old furnace with a new one as it would be a matter of time before it would break down again. However, with medical expenses already piling up and knowing there is more to come, the couple decided to try and repair their furnace instead, hoping it would get them through this tough time.

After repairing the furnace, Gregg offered the couple a new furnace through the Northern Service’s Bear Hug Program! Brittany and Alex were thrilled at the support their community is offering and relieved to know they will have reliable heat through the stress and strain of their medical situation.

Nominate Someone for a Bear Hug Today!

If you or someone you know is in a difficult situation and needs some HVAC or plumbing help, nominate them for the Bear Hug Program today. Fill out the entire form and submit it, and we will choose another recipient later this year!