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Whether your furnace just bit the dust or you’ve decided it’s time to replace your ancient AC unit, shopping for a new heating or air conditioning system can be overwhelming. It’s important to be thoughtful when investing in a new HVAC system because if they are correctly installed and maintained regularly, they can last 10-15 years or more. And there’s a lot to think about — from the units themselves, to the company installing them, to sticking to a budget. We’re here to help! Watch out for these nine common mistakes when buying an HVAC system.

Deciding Based on Price

While it’s always great to get a good deal on an expensive HVAC system, it’s not wise to choose the company with the cheapest rates. Often, these companies offer “deals” that sound too good to be true — and that’s because they are. They hire inexperienced contractors and use low-quality parts, allowing them to keep their rates down but also resulting in poor installations and frequent repairs or replacements. Make sure you thoroughly research each potential HVAC company before choosing one to install your new system.

Choosing the Incorrect Size

Buying the wrong sized unit is something that might seem insignificant at first but is one of the mistakes when buying an HVAC system that will compound and get worse over time. If your heater or air conditioner is too small for your home, you won’t be nearly as comfortable as you could be with the correct size unit. You also will pay more in energy bills over time as you continue dialing up the heat or blasting the AC to keep warm or cool throughout the year. It’s not worth saving a few hundred dollars on the unit just to spend that money again and again every year.

A heater or air conditioner that’s too small is no good — but don’t rush out and buy the biggest unit possible, either. Running a heating or AC unit that is oversized or overpowered stops being beneficial for your home after a certain point and just starts wasting your hard-earned money. The unit you need is one that professional air maintenance services determine is the right-sized unit for your home. 

Ignoring SEER Ratings

SEER stands for “seasonal energy efficiency ratio.” SEER ratings are a huge part of shopping for a new HVAC system that you might be ignoring. Don’t make this mistake when buying an HVAC system if you’re looking to save big on heating and cooling costs. AC units and furnaces with high SEER ratings may cost more upfront, but they are more efficient, and your energy bills will be much lower, meaning you recoup the cost over time anyway while also helping make the planet a little greener. This is truly a win-win!

Undervaluing Installation Quality

One of the worst mistakes when buying an HVAC system is assuming that installation isn’t as important as the quality of the unit. If a unit’s good quality, any old HVAC company can plug in a few wires, screw in a few bolts, flip a switch, and call it a day, right? Wrong! The installation process needs to be handled by experienced HVAC professionals who understand the system you purchase inside and out. This might mean you pay a bit more for high-quality service, but trust us — skimping on installation means that all the money you think you saved just goes right back into repairs. In other words? You still end up paying a lot of money, plus you wind up having a lot of unnecessary headaches. Proper installation is worth the price tag. We promise!

Not Looking for Rebates

Do you like to save money? It’s hard to find someone who would say no to that question. One little-known fact about HVAC installation is that there are a variety of statewide and government rebates available to customers who install specific energy-efficient units in their homes. That’s right: you could be getting paid back a huge chunk of change while making your home more comfortable to boot. Not looking for rebates is a huge mistake when buying an HVAC system that you need to make sure you do not make! And at Northern Services, we make it easy for customers to apply for rebates. We complete all the rebate forms and the registration process so that they can sit back and watch all the savings come in.

Missing Out on Membership Programs

Rebates are only one part of saving money. You should also check out HVAC maintenance membership programs! You receive priority service, discounts, and exclusive savings for a low monthly cost. It pays for itself, and you get peace of mind. How cool is that?

Skimping on Air Quality

If you’ve ever breathed smoggy city air, you know that poor air quality can make breathing harder, plus it harms your lungs over time. Did you know that indoor air quality is just as important? You more likely than not spend most of your time indoors, so if your home has poor indoor air quality, you could be making yourself or your family more susceptible to illness, allergies, or breathing problems. When you’re getting a new HVAC system installed, make sure to talk about air quality with your HVAC company. 

Not Considering Efficiency

When people hear the word efficiency in the context of HVAC units, they usually assume it involves the unit’s actual power and ability to perform and how said performance could help you save on energy bills. However, power is only one part of energy efficiency. Another of the common mistakes when buying a new HVAC system is not thinking green. The earth is getting warmer due to our consumption of fossil fuels. Every time we make environmentally unfriendly choices as consumers, we are making a serious impact on our planet. Choosing an HVAC system that is less harmful to our planet and our atmosphere can be both a money-saver and an environmental benefit. Using less energy lowers your carbon footprint, and many newer systems are made with more responsible materials. Give serious consideration to being eco-friendly. Your children — and their children — will thank you!

Bypassing Regular Maintenance

Once you’ve signed the paperwork, had your unit(s) installed, and the HVAC technicians have left your house, don’t assume things have to be hands-off from now until something breaks down. One of the worst mistakes when buying an HVAC system is not scheduling routine maintenance like furnace tune-ups or air duct cleaning. When it comes to making sure your systems last their entire service lifespan, regular maintenance is not just recommended but essential. Don’t skip the maintenance; you’ll be protecting your investment.

Now that you know some of the most common mistakes when buying an HVAC system, you’ll be prepared the next time you want to replace your unit. Looking for a reliable and professional HVAC company? Northern Services performs emergency and routine heating and air conditioning installation in Renville County, MN, as well as Kandiyohi and Redwood Counties